2014 Really Kicked My Ass


I started the year with a lot of determination to start building the life I wanted. I was going to become richer, stronger, better with women, smarter, more grounded. I was going to learn Spanish, guitar, start a business, write a book, and start fighting. And most importantly get my mind in order, become more disciplined.

2014 was going to be the year where I finally took my life into my own hands.

But none of that really happened. I can’t play anything on the guitar. I only remember a little high school Spanish. I never got a business off the ground. I wasted four months in Virginia acting like a college student again. I lived with my parents most of the year. I have about half a page of notes on a plot. I spent my days sleeping in and dicking around on the internet. I hurt my back and it hasn’t fully healed yet. I felt pain, loss, depression, cowardice, disgust, shame, listlessness. For much of the year I was drifting along on autopilot. Bu almost any measure 2014 was an awful year for me.

But you know what, I’m happy with it.

Yes, I didn’t meet any of my goals, but I did make progress on the things that really matter. I’m stronger, richer, more confident, self-reliant, ambitious, driven, and calmer. Yes I failed miserably in some instances but at least I tried and had a goal. It’s something. I decided to take control and no longer play the passive victim. So as you reflect on last year and anticipate this one don’t be discouraged and stop your journey to your ideal life. Failure isn’t something to be feared or ashamed of. You put yourself on the line and dared to imagine a life better that the one you had. Failing is infinitely better that not even trying. After all you’ve at least got the spark to change your life, now all you’ve got to do is cultivate it into a fire. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do this year. I’ll make more money, write a book, and be able to lift at least twice my body weight. And more importantly I’m going to become mentally healthy. I’ll become disciplined, confident, grounded, and relaxed. I will reach my goals. It’s only a question of when. It might be this year, or the next, or ten years down the line. It doesn’t matter I will complete them all and have the life I imagine. So tell me when will you complete your goals?