3 Outfits That Make a Man, A Good-Looking Man.


When It comes to style, sometimes we get it wrong.  It’s not that there isn’t a time and place for the bro tank and board shorts, but if your interests lie in making people believe there is more to you than the ‘good-times-dude!’ vibe that outfit gives off, here are three practical, functional, outfits that can give your closet a little touch of class without sacrificing the all-important condition of looking cool.

  1. The classic black-on-white suit



Simple. Functional. Classy. Wear it to a wedding. Wear it to the bar. Hell, wear it to Sunday brunch with the grandparents.  The payoff? You’ll turn heads, look like you give a damn, and project confidence and style.

Where to get it for cheap:

Buy it off the rack or order online at www.h&hm.com.  You can get the whole works; suit, jacket, pants, shoes, for $144 plus shipping.  That, gentlemen, is a deal.

Price: $149

2.The v-neck t-shirt with dark rinse jeans

v-neck and jeans


Look at this guy. He looks confident doesn’t he?  Like he could walk into any bar, and get any woman he wanted without uttering a word.  That’s because he knows that what he’s wearing, works.  What the v-neck t-shirt does for a man is accentuate his torso, making your shoulders look bigger and your waist look smaller.  The absence of logos or God forbid, a garish HOLLISTER emblazoned on the chest keeps it from looking juvenile or tacky.

The dark rinse jeans work for two reasons.  One, there’s no color you can’t pair with it. Hands down, these jeans quickly become the most accessible part of your wardrobe.  Two? They look good. They look classy.  Nuff’ said.

Where to get it for cheap:

T-shirt and jeans: Old Navy. In store or online at www.oldnavy.gap.com.  Price: $9, $32, respectively


3.  The long-sleeve shirt with shorts



You know that stare.  David Beckham, soccer god and married to a former Spice Girl.  He’s been an icon of style since he popped out of his mother’s womb, and above, he shows you how a nice, crisp button down with a pair of khaki shorts can make you look stylish and cool, and not work up a sweat.  Take notes.


Where to get it for cheap:

T-Shirt: www.Dr.jays.com   Price: $12.99

Khaki Shorts:  www.Tillys.com  Price: $25.99



Yours in Virtues and Victory,