Virtues and Victory is about being dedicated to improving your life by sharing virtues we think can improve it.  Plain and simple.  We go out, experiment, and find things that work in fitness, in managing your money, in relationships, and in the pursuit of being just an all-around, awesome badass.  However, our idea of being a badass goes beyond pounding twenty shots of Jaeger.  It’s about the pursuit of being disciplined, of wanting more, wanting better, than your circumstances right now.  It’s about taking those virtues, implementing them into your life, and finding victory.   Because let’s face it…we can all be better. Every day, every hour.  Think Michael Jordan became the most recognized athlete in the world through complacency?  No. He aimed higher.  That’s the purpose of this website. To help you, my friend, aim higher.



About the Founders:



I’m 24 and currently pursuing a career as a Tax Attorney as well as in improving my life.   I love reading, lifting, and empowering others to be the awesome, capable human beings they are.



I’m a young part-time soldier trying to figure everything out. Striving to be the best I can be, even if I stumble along the way. Hopefully I’ll be able to impart some of my knowledge to you along the way.