An Ode to the Flannel


The flannel.

For a man, it’s the one piece of clothing that succeeds where many, many, others fail.  Why? Because the flannel IS like a good wing-man; complimentary, versatile, and bold.  It instantly gives your outfit a rugged, weathered look, but if you pair it with slacks or a nice set of jeans, you add a touch of class and professionalism.

Gentlemen, if you don’t own a flannel, here are some reasons why you should consider doing so:

  1. It’s a great long sleeve shirt for anytime it gets too chilly to wear a tee.
  2. It can be dressed up for the office, or dressed down for a night out.
  3. Women love flannels. But, don’t buy a solid orange or purple one. In other words, be smart about your color coordination. Don’t know what that concept is? We will have an article devoted to that very topic coming out soon. In the interim, Google it.
  4. It adds masculinity to your look.  Don’t believe me? Look at Paul Bunyan.

Because we know you would rather have the satisfaction of a woman telling you approvingly that you picked out the perfect flannel, instead of her politely suggesting you burn the one you bought, here’s a great example of a flannel that gets the job done:


Some good rules of thumb to follow are:

1. Avoid picking solid flannels in bright/garish colors like orange, red, blue, purple, etc. Do you want to look like an oompa-loompa? Thought so.

2. Look for patterns and colors that you can match with your pants and shirts

3.  Try not to wear them with shorts.  That’s just a no-no.

But, if you feel like going that route, don’t wear cargo shorts. Just trust me on that one .


Yours in Virtues and Victory,