Boxing Part II: The Workout


Welcome back to our series on boxing. In part I we discussed how to set up a home heavy bag. Now we’ll get started with the important stuff. The workout.

Before you get started here are some things that are good to have.

  1. Hand wraps*. I like the 180’ professional style wraps, they give you a little bit more support. You want hand wraps to add some padding to your knuckles. But more importantly to add support to your wrist so you don’t hurt it.

  1. Gloves*. The heavier the glove the more padding you will have. I like the 16oz ones.
  2. Computer or some other kind of timer. Make sure your timer can do intervals. For example every minute an alarm goes off. Personally I really like this site as a timer.
  3. Music. It just makes the workout that much more fun. I go with Metal myself.

*Note: You don’t actually need gloves and hand wraps, but heavy bags are hard, and your hands are going to feel like they got a nasty rug burn after one round, and it gets worse from there.

Now the workout:

I like to start with some stretching and a couple minutes of light punches to get the blood pumping a bit and my muscles loose and warmed up. You can do whatever type of warm up you want. Jogging, pushups, or jump rope it doesn’t really matter as long as your whole body is warm.

We’re going to be doing 1 minute rounds followed by 1 minute rests. We’ll be doing 12 rounds. The whole workout will only take 23 minutes (This is the part where you set up whatever timer you’ve got).

When time starts you’ll start punching the bag. You’ll go until you hear the bell. Once a minute is up you rest. Hold your arms over your head to open up your lungs. You will be breathing hard. Try to take nice deep controlled breaths.

Here’s a breakdown of the different rounds.

Round 1: warm up, throw nice slow punches. Take your time get a feel for the bag. You should be pretty warm already so only go about 60-70%. Just enough to get your breathing a little heavy.

Round2-12: you are going balls to the wall. All out, don’t stop till you hear the bell.

…and that’s the workout; it’s very simple. You just punch the bag for a minute.

If you think 12 rounds is too much go with 10, or 8. However many you think you can handle.

For an extra challenge try jump roping during the rest period, cutting down the rest, adding more time to each round. You could do pushups, sit-ups, pull-ups, pretty much any other exercise you want. This is just a very simple workout that you can expand however you need.

You get bonus points if you maintain good form while you do it too.