Decisive Action and Why it Matters.

Emerald Warrior 2011

As men, we all have our moments of self-doubt.  That paralyzing instant, or day, or weeks, where we can’t seem to make up our minds about a course of action to take.

We sit around, weighing the pros and cons, the possible scenarios, or various assumptions about a given situation. Finally, we decide.  We move on and we accept the consequences of the decision that we’ve made.

As long as a decision is made, no problem right? Wrong.  Too often, men fail to appreciate the skill of making decisions quickly and decisively.  They hem and haw, afraid to commit to a decision and stick with it.

Guess what? That’s emasculating.

Consider the following text exchange between a guy and a girl, who are making plans for an upcoming date:

Girl: So where would you like to go?

Guy: I don’t know, how about a movie?

Girl: Sure, which movie interests you?

Guy: Lol, I don’t know really.  What do you think?

Girl: Uh….

Think that guy comes off as an masculine man to that girl he’s trying to impress? Because he seems sensitive and accommodating? Think again.

If a woman wants you to make a decision, make it.  Be confident in your ability to decide.  If you constantly avoid making decisions, and put that power back in the woman’s hands, that’s going against nature.  Now, I’m not saying women aren’t capable of making decisions, but most women like their man to take care of them.  They trust that he can steer them, and their night, in the right direction.  However, that doesn’t mean you are always demanding your idea as the one to follow.  Give them chances to pick a date night as well, but keep it balanced.  Show that you are accommodating, but decisive.  A man, not a boor or a wimp incapable of confidence in his decisions.

The same is true for your employer.  Supervisors love assertive, “can-do” employees.  They love the guy that volunteers a plan of action, carries it out, and not only gets the job done on time, he gets it done early.

That guy is reassuring.  You can count on him.  That guy gets promoted because he’s proven he has what it takes to lead, and lead successfully.  Again, there is a balance.  Nobody likes the bossy asshole who seeks to bulldoze anybody who opposes his opinion.  That guy is hated.  Find the middle way, and you’ll always be able to accomplish your goals.

Whether your goal is to become more desirable for women or advance in your job, if you make an effort to make decisive decisions, you’ll find your experiences with both vastly improved.

Yours in Virtues and Victory,