Don’t Let Jealousy Win.


I’ve been in a relationship with a woman that I’ve known for close to two years now.  She’s beautiful, smart, funny, and…painfully unaware of those things and how desirable they make her.  It’s not that she isn’t self-confident, it’s that she isn’t arrogant.  That’s why I went for her.  She didn’t have an ego to go with her smokin’ hot body.   But now she’s studying abroad, and I’m not the only man that’s figuring that out.  More and more, she’s getting asked to hang out by other men, and that’s not lost on me.  But guess what?

I let her.

Two reasons.  One, this girl has never bitched when I’ve hung out with other girls, because she trusted me.  Two, besides reciprocating that favor, I’ve come to realize that competition is good.  It’s a challenge I accept, and it’s one that I’m confident I can win.

If I play the jealousy card, and try to control her actions, guess what happens? She resents me, and the bond that I’ve worked so hard to build with her starts to weaken a little. Also, chances are she will feel MORE compelled to hang out with another guy, because we all hate being told what to do. That leads to lying, and lying, gentlemen, is not a good thing in a relationship.

So I let her go, and I wish her a good time.  I figure, she’s made it this far with me, chances are that she feels pretty comfortable with things staying that way.  Plus, if you never let your woman decide who is the more alpha out of the two of you, what’s the fun in that? Will you really feel like your woman is “yours”, if you never give her the chance to decide?  Now I know what I risk. I risk her lying to me about the nature of their relationship, and cheating on me constantly.  I risk being screwed over.  If that happens, then it does.  I’ll get knocked off my horse hard.  But you know what? I’ll pick myself up, knock the dust off of my jeans, and commence with living the rest of my life, because life does go on, and there is ALWAYS, another woman to meet.  Always.  So gentlemen, don’t let jealousy be your enemy.  If you are a well-rounded, fit, alpha male who takes care of his woman, his bank account, and his life, chances are, you will beat the other guy that wants to sleep with your girlfriend. If you don’t, then that tells you something.  That tells you, “do better next time.”

Yours in Virtues and Victory,