Endurance Training.



I’ve been strength training for a few years now and I love it. I’ve always loved the feeling of straining to move something heavy or fighting against someone.

But I’ve neglected a very important piece of all around strength and fitness. Endurance.


I just hate doing it. Other than sprints running is awful, jump rope sucks, and burpees are worse. I just hate that hot burning feeling where you know something should be easy and it’s not. Where you’re whole body is telling you to stop and to quit. And it isn’t saying it for a few seconds like a squat but minutes at a time. You have to constantly reaffirm your desire to complete the task.

Doing that is one of the quickest ways to become disciplined. If you can focus on the task at hand and not quit while you’re about to throw up or pass out you’ll have a pretty good sense of accomplishment and achievement (not to mention and endorphin high).

I’d say it’s more exhilarating completing a tough endurance workout that getting a new PR on squats or deadlift. But that’s probably because I love squats and deadlift but hate endurance training.

That is something I am going to change, I’m going to focus more on endurance training throughout this year (mainly because I will be training for a multiple day endurance event).

Through my research I came across some challenges that I’ll be completing and wanted to share them with you all.




After browsing through lets me know what ones you’ll try and how it went.