Fuel Your Daimon


Recently I read Steven Pressfield’s Virtues of War. It’s a about Alexander the Great’s conquests. While I haven’t finished it there is a concept presented that got my brain going. That concept was of Alexander’s daimon.

In the story Alexander’s daimon is an inner drive that pushes him to achieve his goals. It is described as an altogether separate being from Alexander that possesses him from time to time. It is so strong that it drives him into a rage and almost decapitates a friend just for offending it.

Now like I said I haven’t finished the book yet so I don’t know how this concept evolves. So for this discussion I’m going off how I understand it.

How I view this daimon is as an extreme passion and focus, a clarity of purpose that saturates your whole life. I think all the great men in history have had this, definitely all the great conquerors. Alexander, Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar all had it. I think this intense focus and passion caused a cult of personality around all the great men of history. It drew people in and willed them to act according to whatever purpose it had. It is essentially a soul’s desire burning right under the skin.

Now with that said is it possible to cultivate your own daimon or is it born with you? Has this modern world extinguished our souls, made our daimon weak and glow like coals instead of a blazing beacon?

I doubt most men will ever have a blazing daimon, it’s reserved for the truly great men. But we can feed ours from coals into a nice little fire.

Now everyone’s passions are different and your fires will respond to different fuels. I suggest you give your desires free rein and see what feeds you best.

In my opinion some universal fuels that will work for everyone are sweat and sex. You need to get out and challenge yourself. Run, lift heavy, fight, and compete. Just go out and win at whatever you do, just make it hard both mentally and physically. And go out and fuck something hot. Both of those things will add some kindling to your soul and get your diamon going.

Essentially it boils do to doing what you love and challenging yourself at the same time. Pushing your boundaries and using your whole being to do it will create that fiery diamon inside you that people will be drawn to.