Harder, Faster, Bigger, Stronger: Why Men Need To Emulate the American Bobsledder


Today, gentlemen, I want to introduce you to an athlete whose physique embodies that of an alpha male; the burly, powerful, bobsledder.

Take one look at these guys, it’s immediately apparent that they can squat, bench, and deadlift a lot more than you.  Not to mention they possess the ability to push a four-hundred pound sled across a sheet of ice in under five seconds.  So they’ve got speed and power.

In short, the American bobsledder is an impressive physical specimen, and upon researching their workout regime, it’s clear why; they tailor their workouts around the powerlifts with plenty of high-intensity speed training. It makes for a lethal combination, and it’s one you can possess if you have the balls (and the willpower), to stay with this exercise plan.

Before I detail the workout plan that Olympic bobsledders use below in conjunction with my own suggestions,  it’s worth noting that you will not see results from this program right away.  But you will get stronger, one workout at a time, until you look like of one these studs.  So keep faith, my friends, and go knock out some squats.

The Modified Bobsledder Workout: (Each workout go as heavy as you can with good form; go up by five pounds if you can hit five reps for five sets at the target weight)


Monday, Wedneday, and Friday:


Back Squats: Five sets of five reps

Front Squats: Five sets of five reps

Deadlifts: One set of five reps



Bench (regular): Five sets of five reps

Incline Bench: Five sets of five reps



Bent-Over Rows (with barbell): Five sets of five reps



Military Press (with barbell): Five sets of five

Upright Rows: Five sets of five


Tuesday and Thursday: Sprints


*Before starting, it is imperative that you stretch properly. Stretch your whole body, focusing in particular on your hamstrings, glutes, and calves.


                Tuesday: Acceleration Day


Run upright as fast as you can for fifteen to twenty meters, with two minute breaks in between, for twenty minutes


Thursday: Hill Sprints


Run as fast as you can up a hill that is least fifty yards long. Take two minute breaks. Work up to ten sprints within a half hour, then twenty sprints in 30 minutes upon completing that goal.


Remember, always go at your own pace, but push yourself.  If the workout feels easy, either you are not doing it right, or you need to push yourself harder, and make it more challenging.


Yours in Virtues and Victory,