How To Eat Your Way to Looking Like John Cena.


Most men know John Cena.  They know him because John Cena is a beast of a man.  His biceps are bigger than the average man’s thighs.  His legs look like they could be hydraulic pistons.

What most men don’t know is that they can become slightly smaller versions of him, just by changing their diet.  Oh yeah, they gotta lift too.  They gotta lift heavy, and they gotta lift right.

But let’s talk about the eating.  Specifically, how many meals you have a day. Three meals a day is the popular regimen to follow, and we’ve been following it mindlessly since birth. However if you want to change your physique from one that is lean to one that is massive, you need to eat six times a day, with three hours between meals to allow food proper time to digest.  However, this does not mean six huge meals.  It means three large meals accompanied by three smaller ones. Six meals a day gives one the opportunity to pack in the calories needed for muscle growth, and for many men, that’s often the missing link.  There’s more to it than binging on fast food though.   In the following paragraphs, I’ll break down this diet into an easy-to-implement, easy to understand formula.


Most men, if they eat breakfast at all, do a shitty job of it.  Their breakfast consists of pop-tarts, a banana, or a bowl of cereal with toast. this is a sugary, unhealthy way to start your day.   Gentlemen, what you should be having are three eggs, however you like them.  Throw in some meat, such as steak or bacon, and spinach and mushrooms.  Keep the banana, because bananas are an excellent source of potassium,, and potassium is good for you.  The end result is a meal that is high in protein, vegetables, fruit, and carbs.  All the essential building blocks for muscle growth.


Once three hours have gone by, it’s time to refuel again.  The bigger one gets, the more your muscles need constant fuel to engage in complex molecular processes needed to sustain that muscle growth on a consistent basis.  This does not have be a big meal.  I usually go with a sandwich that has protein, and a piece of fruit, and that’s plenty.  The goal of each meal should be  to engage in protein intake and nutrition, while also feeling satiated each time.


Your official “lunch” should be calorie intensive, because it is the second to last “big” meal you’ll have that day.  For lunch, focus on things that are high in carbs but also healthy.  Grilled chicken breasts with pasta.  A burger with a salad.  Spaghetti with spinach and a bowl of soup.  All of these are protein rich and calorie rich meals, and that’s exactly what you want.


For your late afternoon snack, it’s important that you fuel your body with something that will give you energy for hitting the gym, since that’s when many of us can fit a work out in.  Do not eat rich, oily foods.  You”ll only end up feeling sluggish and tired.  Instead I would suggest a protein shake.  It’s easy to consume, full of protein, and perfect for a pre-workout meal.


This is arguably the most important meal you’ll have all day.  That’s because after you’ve worked out, dinner provides the protein, nutrition, and calories you need for your muscles to recover and grow bigger and stronger than they were before.  So load up on that pasta, and add a generous salad to it. Grill burgers and do the same thing.  Make some smoked salmon with brown rice.  I”m not a chef, so I’m not going to give you recipes, and I shouldn’t have to anyway.  Someone else on the internet has that job.  My job is to inform of you the right steps to take regarding the general theme of your dinners, and as always, it should be comprised of protein, carbs, and nutrition.


Right before bed, you should eat a small meal that gives you that last boost of calories you need to fuel your muscles while you sleep, because you will essentially go eight hours without touching food, and that’s a long time.  I would advise a combination of fruit and a protein shake or a sandwich and fruit.  Keep it simple, wolf it down, and hit the sack for another day of kicking ass.

Yours in Virtues and Victory,