Lives of the Mind: Why People Need to Shift Their Focus to the Body


One of the things that characterizes our society is the love of intelligence. Being smart is one of our highest virtues. We worship the intellectuals and think we are amongst theirĀ  number. We live almost our entire lives trapped inside our minds.

Think about it, what does about 70% of the population do every day? They go to work either in a corporate job working on a computer all day, or in the service industry where they zone out and imagine they’re somewhere else. Or they are in school. Sitting behind a desk stimulating their minds all day, especially because PE and recesses are cut shorter almost every year, if not completely removed.

As a society we have too much energy trapped inside our heads, that is where almost all our focus is, all our concenration. Hell most people don’t even consider their bodies really THEM. They think it is a temporary vessel something to either hold their consciousness or soul, nothing more. Just a bag of meat that’s holding them back. Preventing them from realizing their full potential.


And even if those people do exercise it is something that’s done reluctantly, like a oil change on a car. It needs to be done to keep the thing running. That’s it they take no joy or pride in the wonderfully graceful and complex machine they drive around all day. Most of the time they aren’t even aware of its existence. Its just there like always.

I see that as a great tragedy, on of the flaws of our society. That we have almost entirely forsaken out physical selves.

As a result we are sick. We get fat, have cancer, strokes, heart disease, and stress slowly kills us. Or we are emotionally broken, depressed, schizophrenic, psychopathic, damaged people.

You know people always talk about once they find that other person or that “thing” their life will be complete. They already know something is missing. That something is off. That there is a great big hole in the middle of their being where something is supposed to be. They just can’t figure out what it is.

Personally I thing that hollow spot isn’t because of something you are lacking and need to obtain. I think it is just a manifestation of the skewed balance most people have in their lives. They completely shun the physical joys of life (other than sex, food, and drugs) they never explore the world around them, or actually look at things. They never just sit and be. They are constantly in their minds, buzzing away about all the bullshit everyone has told them. How great the new show is, how they need a new phone, or jeans, how Katie is such a bitch, what mom is going to make for dinner, how can I tell my parents I don’t want to go to college, does Jim hate me?

All of that is utter nonsense. Those things take up way to much of our energy that could be used in productive pursuits. Not just growing physically stronger or healthier, or wealthier. But it can also be directed to finding balance in their lives.

Let me ask you something, and I want you to really thing about it.

When was the last time you just ran? I’m talking not to get in shape, to burn off that cupcake, or because its part of a sport. I mean when was the last time you just felt so alive that you needed to run?

I’m going to guess that it was before you turned ten. When you were still a small child not worried about the world around you. Everything was still new and exciting. You had finally gotten out of school for the summer and you just had to run and jump from sheer exuberance.

You see I think that is what goes inside that hollow spot. It is that wanderlust that used to grip up all as children. It is that desire to touch, smell, taste, and feel the world around us. It is that desire to live in our bodies. To not just drive them around thinking they’re just something temporary. But to fully acknowledge with your whole being that your soul, and consciousness, doesn’t simply use that body as a vessel for a time before it goes off to the next plane of existence. But to understand that the mind body and soul are all part of one whole. And that to starve any one of those components will lead to disaster for the whole.

I firmly believe that imbalance is the cause of many people’s suffering. And is one of the things that can be fixed very simply (notice I didn’t say easy).

All you need to do is understand that your body is and integral part of you and it needs some of the energy that is trapped inside your mind. And give it that energy. Start to be mindful of your body while you exercise instead of blasting music to take help distract you from the pain. The pain is good. Feel the bottoms of your feet as you walk. Meditate, live in the moment. And my personal favorite. Have sex, don’t just use another person as a warm wet place to put your dick. But actually bring your awareness to the feel of her skin, the look in her eye, the smell of her hair, the taste of her lips. Feel your body as well. The hungry deep inside you, the heat of your skin. The sweat on your chest. Your panting breath.

Trust me you have sex with your brain turned off, just letting go and feeling the experience, and you’ll have some of the best sex of your life.

But it looks like I got a little side tracked in there.

Basically to sum up what I’m saying. People need to take themselves out of their heads and actually live in their bodies. They will much happier and more fulfilled if they do that.