Staying Quiet: Why Saying a Little May Be Saying a Lot


Most of us have that loud, cocky friend that everyone seems to like because he has charisma, and he gets laid more than you. I have a few friends like that, and I’ll admit, it’s hard not to admire their confidence and ability to command a conversation. But, there’s something about being loud and having a “look at me” attitude that also kind of rubs me the wrong way. It seems boastful and conceited, shallow and reeking of bullshit. That may be kind of harsh, but there’s two sides to every coin, and that’s the flip side of a loud, arrogant, dude. He may be a good guy at his core, but he could learn a few lessons from another kind of guy: the strong, silent man.

Who is this kind of man? By ‘silent’, I don’t mean a mute that hasn’t spoken since birth. I mean a man that chooses his words carefully. A man who listens and observes more than he talks. Picture Ryan Gosling’s character in the movie “Drive”. That was a man of few words. But when he spoke, you listened. You listened because his actions told you a hell of a lot more. He carried inside of himself a sort of calculated primal ferocity, and when he decided to unleash it on those who crossed him the wrong way, God help the poor of son bitch that was. Yet whenever he did inflict violence upon another, it was always a smart move, a shrewd judgment call that turned outcome of a situation to his advantage. He watched, he listened, and THEN he reacted.

But back to you. Of course, it’s easy to look at that movie character and dismiss him as a fantasy, with no basis in reality. But what if that wasn’t true? What if seldom speaking, but letting your body language, your actions, do the talking, is the key to success? Here are some suggestions as to why you might be wise to consider adopting this philosophy

1. You Can Think, and Communicate, More Effectively

When you takes the time to observe, and then think, before you react, it allows to fully analyze the situation at hand, and develop the most effective response. Because the truth is, most of the time, most of us don’t REALLY weigh all the options, whether before we speak, or before we act. If we did, how much more effective could we be? The results might be astounding. By enabling the most powerful and sophisticated tool on the planet, your brain, to contemplate the best way to proceed, you open the door to all kinds of benefits. What if you analyzed the most effective way to get 8 hours of sleep a night, ever night? That alone, could change your life. You would have more energy, better health, and greater long-term memory. Those in turn lead to higher levels of productivity and efficiency. You see where I’m headed here? By taking the time to really think about one thing, you can change everything.

2. Women Will be Intrigued

While the loud and boastful man may initially attract women through confidence and charisma, it doesn’t last for long. There’s a reason this type of man has a lot of “one” night stands, with emphasis on the “one”. Women get bored. They quickly grow tired of hearing about his mediocre feats that he performs every day, but he can’t help but brag about anyway. He never seems like he gives much of a shit about anybody else, and while that may have translated as a sort of sexy confidence at first blush, it sours into the realization that “anybody else”, also includes them. Ultimately, what the loud man fails to achieve is the art of being mysterious. He tells a woman everything about himself and where he’s been, all in one night. What’s left after that? Women want a man that they have to earn. That is, they want to feel like he’s a beautiful Christmas present that they have privilege of unwrapping, but not all at once. How does this translate into a man you can identify with and become? It’s really rather simple. Limit your interactions with a woman you meet, and the information she knows about you, to small doses. For example, let’s say¬† you run into a beautiful brunette in a bar. She’s clearly into you, and if you are smart, you’ll recognize that. Ask her questions about herself, and be a gentleman, but keep the encounter short and interesting. After ten minutes in which you’ve engaged her in a fun and exciting conversation, say “Hey, Amber, It was great meeting you. I’ve gotta go. I’ll see you around another time.” Trust me, gentlemen, if you have the self-control to make her wait, to make her think about running into you again, the next time she does, her desire for you will literally be steaming off of her. Not many men pull this off, but if you can, the results are well worth it.

3. Alpha Males Will Recognize You As One of Their Own

One of the hidden truths in life is that often, the strongest men, the most lethal men, say the least. There’s a simple explanation for that. When you have complete confidence in your ability to defend yourself, to bed a beautiful woman, to make money, it puts you at ease. What happens when a man is at ease? He gets quiet. He becomes content to watch the world around him, and soak it all in. The ironic thing is, that behavior not only attracts the attention of beautiful women, it gets noticed by other alpha males too. You see, Alphas can recognize one of their own. What does that lead to? Often, friendships with other Alphas, who through their own superior strength, intellect, drive, and ambition, add to yours. They elevate you. They open the door to new experiences, new women, everything. But? You’ve gotta become an Alpha to become friends with one. Beta males don’t interest dominant men. Why would they? A beta man is not a woman, and women are naturally beta, not men. So when a man is beta, it messes up the order of things, and any Alpha worth his salt isn’t going to sacrifice all that he worked for to let a Beta drag him down to the levels of insecurity and weakness that he fought so hard to leave.

So? Become an Alpha, because really, as men, we all have the ability to be dominant, ass-kicking, and successful. It just takes the will power to acknowledge the weak areas of one’s character of physical appearance, and put in the work.

Yours in Virtues and Victory,