Step Up Your Style: The Henley


Men, we aren’t really huge on style here at V&V. We have a section devoted to it, but quite frankly upgrading your style is pretty easy,  in reality is just a superficial upgrade with no lasting benefit to your confidence.

With that being said, image does matter. After all, when you think you look good, you feel good.

This is the low hanging fruit of self-improvement. All it takes is a little money and some good information. So there really isn’t any excuse to dress like a slob in over-sized light jeans and t-shirts with large logos plastered across the chest.

With that I mind I have a great alternative for you. Ditch your normal crew cut shirts and replace them with a Henley.

I’m my opinion, Henleys have three advantages over every other form of casual pull over shirt; they are unique, they are simple, and they are masculine.


They are relatively unique



I know when I walk down the street,  I don’t see anyone else in them. Not to mention going out to a bar. You are far more likely to see a guy in a loose t-shirt, sweatshirt, or the standard checkered button down. By wearing a Henley you automatically stand out from the crowd. And not is an obnoxious way like wearing a top hat or some other lame accessory that’s purely designed to get you attention.


They are simple


dexter morgan traje


This can’t be overstated enough, you aren’t going to find too many of these shirts with Abercrombie or Hurley plastered over the chest. They generally come in solid colors. No attention grabbing graphics, and no fuss. Just a clean, streamlined shirt that when it fits, will accentuate your body’s natural shape well.


They are masculine



These shirts have an undeniably masculine quality to them. These are the shirts working men wore. They got dirty and stained, and they have retained that history with their masculine essence. There isn’t any of the effeminacy of those deep Vs that you see guys wearing, and if you’re rocking a beard and wearing a flannel over your henley, you just might be mistaken for a lumberjack.

So go out and grab a few of these cheap, simple and unique masculine shirts. Your lady friends will thank you.