Stop Wearing Jerseys. Period.


I’ve got a bone to pick today, and it’s about jerseys.

I see them everywhere, on men of all shapes and sizes.  Note that I say “men” and not teenagers or children.  I’ll give them a pass on this because when you’re young, your style choices can be forgiven.  But when you’re forty?

Afraid not.

I see forty-year old men wearing jerseys that say “James” on the back.

I see thirty-year old men wearing jerseys that say “Bonds” on the back.

I see twenty-year old men wearing jerseys that say “Lewis” on the back.

What’s the problem here?  The problem is that these men are not the men whose names appear on the back of their shirts.  They are “Bob, the accountant”, and “Tim, the mechanic”.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  In fact, they should be damn proud of it.  They earned their spot in society just like everyone else, and like everyone else, they have skills that are useful and skills that make them money.

But when I see Bob the Accountant wearing a Lebron James jersey, you know what I think?  I think that he thinks his life is shit.  I think he has a hard-on for another man.

When you wear a shirt with another man’s name on it who is still alive, it says “I wish I had your life instead of mine.”  It says, “I consider myself beneath you, and I’m openly showing it.” Here’s another thing to think about: Women wear jerseys too, and let’s be honest, if she’s hot and the jersey fits her well, it’s about the sexiest thing ever.  We also know she secretly dreams about having a wild, crazy night in bed with the dude she’ll never meet whose name is on her back.  That man, to her, is an alpha male. But that’s women.

You are not a woman, and guess what? If a woman sees you walking around wearing a jersey, she will find that emasculating.  She may not come out and say out, but trust me, on some primal level, she’s thinking it.  No woman wants to be seen with a man who wears another man’s name on his back.  It’s an insult to that guy’s self-worth.

So gentlemen? If you have a jersey with another man’s name on the back….burn it. Or give it to your sister.  Just don’t wear it.  Wear your own damn clothes, and be proud of the man you are.  You are just as much as a stud as any pro athlete.  Think they can do spreadsheet data-bases? Or fix a Ferrari? No.  They don’t wear your name on the back of their shirts, but they should respect you for the skills you possess, just like you respect their ability to hit a baseball five hundred feet. It’s all relative.

Yours in Virtues and Victory. Jason