The Best Pre-workout for under $25




If you’re like 90% of guys hitting the gym you’re spending at least $75 on supplements a month (that’s a low estimate). you’re probably getting thermogenics, creatine, maybe even some amino acids.  The bulk of the expenses are protein and pre-workout. Which you’re hard pressed to find anything good for under $30.


Pre is $28.68 for 30 servings

N.O-Xplode is $27.92 for 50 servings

Assault is $40.95 for 40 servings.

C4 is $33.98 for 60 servings

1.M.R is $20.49 for 28 servings


Now personally I like to take pre-workout, it gets me energized and motivated to hit the gym (and I always rock out on the drive there).


But what I don’t particularly like is the jittery, tingly feeling, and slightly upset stomach I get.


On top of that none of the ones I’ve taken have given me much focus. I always just want to move and get a lift done as fast as I can. Needless to say my form suffers on certain lifts if I don’t slow down and take a few deep breaths.


But I’ve found a combination of supplements that give me the energy and drive to hit the gym hard and stay focused, but that are mild enough to not have any adverse effects. And best of all you can get everything for under $25.

Basically what I do its take a caffeine and L-Theanine pills (200mg each) and wash it down with some beet juice (I just stick a beet in the blender with a little water). That’s it.

You can get both pills really cheap. 100 caffeine pill are a little less than $6. Theanine is about $15. Beets you can get at your local grocery store for really cheap (I think they’re around $3 for a bundle). Now if you don’t like getting fresh beets you can always go with the powder, but it’s a little more expensive.


How Does it Work?


The combination of caffeine and Theanine is call “The People’s Stack”. It has actual scientific studies to back its effectiveness. As do beets.


The caffeine and Theanine are the workhorse of the pre-workout. The caffeine gives you energy while the Theanine gives you mental clarity and focus. The beet just gives you the added benefit of increased blood flow and oxygen in the blood.


What I really like about this combination is that I know what I’m taking, there isn’t and proprietary blends or nutrition matrixes. It’s just three things beets, caffeine, and L-Theanine.


I don’t get jittery or have headaches for the rest of the day like I do with some (1.M.R). I just feel great. I’m pumped, focused, and ready to sling some heavy weight.


I highly recommend trying this.


*Note, I just linked to the first product on amazon for all of these. I’m sure you can find them for cheaper elsewhere on the internet (buy in bulk) or in your city.