Virtues Part I: Intro


When Jason and I first thought up this website we had some pretty lofty ideas. We wanted to learn how best to improve ourselves and write and share what we’ve learned with our readers. We wanted to write about fitness, style, relationships, and money. But more importantly we wanted to write about our perspective. Our point of view on life.

To us it’s relatively easy to learn a good workout routine, or build your style. It doesn’t really involve much soul searching. Neither will really make you a better man. They are just the outer shell of the true core of your being. If you take away your physique, your clothes, and money you’d still be the same person. So to us, the more important things to focus on are those virtues that produce a winning life. Those things that make a great man. So periodically we’ll be publishing longer posts about those virtues and mental traits we think are important and that every great man has possessed.