Why An All-Nighter is Good for You.


You know what they say about staying up all night.  That it wrecks your health.  Causes your mind to become sluggish and dull.  Saps you of your motivation to do anything productive the next day.


Those things are all true.  All-nighters are terrible for a man, and you should avoid them if at all possible.  If a buddy wants you to stay up with him till the crack of dawn sipping on a bottle of Jim Beam on a Sunday night before you have work the next day, tell him he’s drinking solo.  That’s just not worth it.  Or a girl you like texts you at one am, all the sudden interested in having a “deep” conversation, look at that text, laugh, and go back to sleep.  She’ll still be there in the morning, and to be honest, she’ll probably respect you for more for not answering her text because she never should have texted you that late to begin with.


But gentlemen? There are times when you need to forgo getting under those covers.  Namely, times when you need to get shit done.

Got a big project at work that you could finish?  Stay up and finish it. If you power through and get it done, you’ll win major kudos from your boss and peers.  Why? Because you didn’t procrastinate.  You got it done when you said you would, and not only that, maybe you got it done early.  You may look like absolute hell, with circles under your eyes and breath that smells worse than a pig-sty in July, but nobody’s gonna care about that.  They’ll look at you and see a warrior.  A guy who got the job done even when it wasn’t any damn fun at all.

Same goes for school.  If you need to knock out a paper or study for an exam before the big day arrives, and staying up all night is the only way to do it, then suck it up and use those night hours to finish strong.  Do you always want to be put in a position where you have to give up sleep to study or work? No.  But sometimes, that’s what the situation calls for.  You’re given a choice to either sleep, and give a sub-par effort, or man up and deliver.

In my undergraduate days, I didn’t really appreciate the power of understanding this distinction.  I chose sleep over my grades, sleep over doing what needed to be done.  Now? I wish I could back and slap that guy. I could have turned in better grades and better performances in group projects on a more consistent basis if I had let my testicles drop just a little lower.

Granted, what saved my bacon was that there were times when I absolutely knew I had to get the job done, or my dream of going to law school would remain just that; a dream.

Now that we’ve covered why an all-nighter is sometimes necessary for school and work, let’s talk about being there for your buddies.

Ever had a buddy call you at some ungodly hour? Probably.  Most of the time, you probably didn’t answer, and I’d say you were justified in doing that.

However, there are times when your friend needs you to get out bed and answer the phone.  Maybe his girlfriend left him, and he’s debating talking it through with you or driving his car off a cliff.  Maybe his dog died.  It doesn’t matter.  The point is, if your buddy calls you late at night, answer the phone once in a while.  You never know when it might be desperately needed, despite the fact that you won’t be getting any sleep that night.

Do things like this, and you will be loved by your friends. That’s because most people don’t do things like this. Most people just think about themselves.  Think about others.  We are all in this boat together, and life always has a way of coming back around.  You never know when you might need that voice on the other end of the line, so I strongly advise being that person for your friends.

Did you stay up all night reading this and pondering the meaning of life? Good for you. That’s what a warrior does.

Now get some sleep, damn it.


Yours in Virtues and Victory,